Belimo Energy Valve™.

Belimo Energy Valve™. Know where the energy is going.

Five functions in one valve – including energy monitoring.
Measuring, controlling, balancing and shutting with a single valve – and it doesn't stop there: As its fifth function, the new Belimo Energy Valve™ now also shows you where energy is being consumed. This means this characterised control valve with electronic flow setting offers you all the fundamentals required for optimising the consumption of your systems, for improved energy efficiency and for lowering operating costs.


Gain time and efficiency
The Energy Valve is the next logical development of the electronically controlled, pressure-independent characterised control valve EPIV from Belimo. Like the EPIV, it can measure, control, balance and shut. This makes the valve design considerably simpler. The flow rate is electronically measured and balanced on a permanent basis, which optimises consumption and markedly reduces the time required for hydraulic balancing. The characterising disk, which has already proven itself millions of times over, ensures an equal percentage valve characteristic curve, and the absolute tight-closing valve prevents circulation losses in the water circuit.


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