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Air Solutions:
Air treatment, Distribution, Control and Feedback.


The world's biggest range of electric actuators for air dampers from 0.4 m2 to 8 m2 includes rotary, linear and full-rotation actuators with a wide range of power levels and actuating times. The actuators cover almost all power requirements for the control of air flows in air-conditioning plants, from treatment and distribution to feedback and retreatment. The range also includes special actuators for indoor and outdoor use in extreme conditions and platforms for the implementation of individual actuator solutions by OEMs.

Standard Actuators

Belimo's damper actuators bring you a product range with clear basic types, a long service life and low energy consumption, as well as universal operating components with identical accessories throughout the different sizes. This concept will save you time and optimize costs.

Technical Details

Fast Running Actuators

Whether in heating and cooling circuits, in ventilation, extraction or VAV systems – the very fast running actuators from Belimo open and close air dampers as well as valves at top speed and almost silently. This immediately ensures fresh air in production rooms, laboratories and other sensitive areas. Robust motors, gearboxes and housings guarantee a longer service life here – even under the harshest of conditions. The automatic current reduction at standstill, as well as a novel mechanical inhibiting torque lock, lower the energy consumption to a minimum. 

Technical Details

Linear Actuators

The linear actuators from Belimo set new standards: Unique in their class they push and thrust up to 300 mm, down to a millimetre if necessary – without the auxiliary stroke devices required by other makes. That simpli“fies installation and relieves the budget.

Technical Details

Damper Actuators with Mechanical Emergency Function

Spring return actuators in the range from 2 up to 30 Nm torque. All with the same wiring- and mounting concept! On the medium size two housing shells, welded together with ultrasound, reinforced with steel plates and hollow pillars, provide them with non-permeability and stability. In the event of a voltage interruption, the dampers or valves coupled with the actuator are moved automatically into the predefined emergency setting position. This means that your systems are reliably protected against expensive damage caused by frost, water and steam.

Technical Details

Damper Actuators with Electronic Emergency Function

The unique rotary, fast running and linear actuators with "Controlled Power Off" function open up new perspectives in system protection. Their trend setting, Belimo-patented SuperCap Management ensures secure supply and unloading of the SuperCaps. These supply the devices in case of emergency with sufficient power to overcome short voltage interruptions up to 10 seconds. In the case of longer voltage interruptions they will move the dampers or valves if necessary to an individually predefined emergency setting position. This means that unnecessary operational breakdowns can be avoided and convenience limitations can be reduced.

Technical Details